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Great Traveling To Silalahi

Yo nigga!! wanna fell a difference amazing place of North Sumatera? I had a craking experience to tell you about.

A coolarific view with stones, lake, green mountain, and culture. Pleasantly I am gonna describe Silalahi, a part of Dairi Regent, North Sumatera. 

It spends about 4 hours to get this village from Medan. Either by using public or rent transport. Passing berastagi and kabanjahe where located in Karo regent. So before arrive at Silalahi you can enjoy the tourism object on way.

Lake Toba, arround more than five regent in North Sumatera, and Dairi is one of. But do you know Dairi gives a general difference view than anothers?.
Well, lemme tell you!!

Everyone who already visited gonna back again to do a trip to Silalahi.

Take your time because there are so many beaches to choose. I believe youre gonna be a litle confuse to do..!! it all rules!!
Culture tourism, why not? many unique culture object here such as tradition, handycraft, language, etc. :p 
Silalahi Danau Toba

Laying down on white sands like diamond, while enjoying sunset view at evening time. Or fishing above small stones near bank beach! it rock!!. Wanna swim in fresh lake water? go on, totally save and cant do anything bad. But lemme cough up some mistery about. Society arround silalahi village have traditional belief. Willy nilly, as comer we gotta obey their rules. Some of: long hair girls gotta tight her hair first before swimming, keeping manner, and some another. 

Planned staying for a long? Dont worry, some hotels and restaurant you can find near the village, cheap rates, and good hospitality. :)
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