Best Honeymoon Place In North Sumatera

Welcome  to North Sumatera,  a province in Andalas island with city town Medan. As the  third largest city in Indonesia, North Sumatera has many interesting and incredible of tourism.
Honeymoon, spending use full time with someone you love after getting marry. Every couple usually  not easy to decide best place for honeymoon. As  travel guide in North Sumatera. Check:


1.    Nias Island

This place is the best location for surfing in North sumatera Province. Lagundri and Sorake, often visited by foreigner and domestic tourist. But now lets talk why Nias Island in first rank for honeymoon. The City Town of Nias Regent is Gunung Sitoli. This place can be reached by using ship or plane from Medan.

There are more than 23 small islands around Nias, every island has unique things in culture and folks. Beside of that, blue sea and white sand can be found in all beaches.  The Wonderful Leisure  of Nias can enjoyed by doing snorkeling, diving, seeing sunset/sunrise. Or you can see a unique attraction called “Hombo Batu” means stone jumping, the most popular attraction which only found in Nias.

Come , Enjoy, and find A billion unforgettable memories with your couple in NiasJ .

2.   Samosir Island
 Welcome to the largest lake in North Asia and The largest super vulcano lake in the world, one of the best paragliding place in the World.

Toba Lake has so many interesting place to visit. Samosir island is the biggest island in Toba Lake. Local citizen or people who come from Samosir named this place as Debata Island. It means the land of God.

In Samosir island, there are some tourism village which often visited by tourist such as Tuktuk Siadong, Jangga Village, and Simanindo Village. There are many hotels and restaurant with beautiful view in these three places. So you can choose according to your budget and facilities they give.

Spending night, where only you and your couple in the beach. Enjoy sparkling stars shadow on lake. So romantic unforgettable moment. J

3.   Berhala Island

Want to stay in a place over the sea, far away of noise and modern life which disturbing? This is the best one from North Sumatera. Located in Serdang Bedagai Regent, restricted Malaysia and Indonesia. Well known as the jewel of Serdang Bedagai. This place well kept by mariner.

Need 5 hours to reach the island bu using sea transportation from harbor. Many people says the undersea beauty of berhala Island can be compared with Maldives.

In the morning, try to do tracking, and see how wonderful sunrise in this place seen from lighthouse, the highest place in Berhala. And in evening, snorkeling or diving is the best things you must do while enjoy sunset till the sun hides. In the night, sit down on the white sand with your couple and feel romantic moment J.

4.   Karo Land


Karo is a regent in North Sumatera with Kabanjahe as the city town. This place recommended for every couple marry who wanna feel natural cold, amazing culture, best sight-seeing view, heritage, flower nursery, toba lake, and many others thing more.

Berastagi is the most popular place here, nice citizen and has already well known as tourist city in North Sumatera province. Inn, motel till 5 stars hotels for accommodation with good product (goods and service) can found here.

Horse riding is the most favorite traditional transportation. Visiting tourism place from one to another.

Some best place of Karo land such as Sipiso-piso, is one of highest waterfall in Indonesia and Toba lake can be seen right from here. Gundaling Hill, yeah…. You should come to this place, why? According to local citizen, Gundaling is abbreviation of “Good Bye My Darling”. It tells about a true love story happened between karonese women with foreign man. In this place they separated because the foreign man must be back to his country. After leaving, he never came back while the karonese women use to wait him in this hill till she died.

5.           Dairi Regent

Njuah-Njuah… welcome to Pakpak Land in North Sumatera Province. A beautiful place in middle of Bukit Barisan Mountain. Culture, Nature, and Hospitality of the citizen are complete package why this place recommended for honeymoon.

Taman Wisata Iman Dairi, located in Sitinjo Hill, it is the only one religious park in Indonesia, was built to create harmony among 5 religion in Indonesia. From every side, we can see many building for worship, waterfall, river, flower park, and many other interesting more. In this place, a unique hotel for accommodation shaped like Noah Ship.

Sidikalang coffee is the most popular coffee from North Sumatera. It export to abroad. Starbuck is one of the consumer that re-sell Sidikalang Coffee.

Dairi Regency is always cold, far away from noise and the most important is many people feel comfort and want to stay for a long after come to Dairi.

That all the best place for honeymoon in North Sumatera, if you need more information or want to reserve us as guide/travel organizer. Please contact us.

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