The biggest lake in south asia which was made by earthquake and volcano, Samosir island, North Sumatera or well-known as Andalas Island.
A lake with best view and sight seeing created.
this is danau Toba.

In 1996, Toba lake was very famous arround the world, many domestic nor international visitors came to enjoy all the part of tourism package : tourism culture, agrotourism, green tourism, historical tourism and many others else. But several years lately during 1996 until now (2012) the percentage grow slowly.

The question is why?
International issue about safety caused many countries such as United State banned their civil traveled to Indonesia. Undirectly obstruct tourism development of Danau Toba even when the banning was already unactivated anymore.

Year to year the beauty of danau Toba was not kept well. Some important places which used to be Icon of danau Toba goes stranted, negleted infrastructure every where, difficulties to find complite information, exploitation of natural resources to much, agravate condition of.

Goverment who ought to care seems like pretend dont know anything happened. While thousand people hang their live up on danau toba. On the other hand Its a proof of bad governance, many plan to do but no act to proof.

As a Hospitality industry, the social responsibility in building danau Toba as main tourism destination still growing bad. Low attitude in services made many visitors kinda unsatisfied.
As a tourism ambassador, I persuade all the people around the world, more over for you who live in North Sumatera. Its the exact time for us to save danau Toba, save our life, safe our world heritage, for a better life of our child in the future :)

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