North Sumatera Tourism

North Sumatera, is a part of Island which well-known as Andalas Island. Located in western of Indonesia country and the city town is Medan.

Talk about Tourism Resources, North Sumatera is being grow up to the highest level in western of Indonesia. North Sumatera tourism has richness in Culture, Culinary, MICE (Meeting, Intensive, Convention, Exhibition), Hotel, Natural Resources, Art, etc

Culture Tourism
The heteroginity North Sumatera devided into two type, Local and Comer Culture. Local type is all kind of culture where it basicly made in North Sumatera such as Batak and Melayu. While comer culture brought by peoples who absolutely come and decide to live in North Sumatera such as China, India, Germany, Java, Sunda, etc.
Some location of the culture tourism you can find are:

1. Jangga Village
Located in Simanindo Village, Samosir Island. In the middle of Lake Toba, namely the biggest vulcano lake of the world.
Traditional house, art, social relationship, language, and every single folks of Bataknese Culture.


2. Dokan Vilage
 Located in Kabanjahe, Karo Regent. The centre of Karonese folks and Culture. Its about 2,5 hours to get the place from North Sumatera Citytown, Medan.


3. Medan Town 
As the citytown, many people with different culture live side by side in this city. Majority, Bataknese and Deli Melayunese. Some of interested place to visit which could show you up the culture are Istana Maimoon, Shri Mariamn Temple, Velangkani Church. Etc 


4. Sidikalang City
This city is near with Aceh Province. Pakpaknese live since formerly till now. Megalitkum which usually named "Mejan" is a folks of Pakpaknese. It describe hindu ever be part of their culture.


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